Catskill Historical Views is a collaboration between Catskill Tri-County Historical Views, the Zadock Pratt Museum, and Silver Hollow Audio. Thanks to Humanities New York for their support of this podcast series.


Episode One: We spoke with Delaware County historian Bill Birns about the legacy of “Hobart’s greatest” (albeit largely forgotten) son, John Davenport Clarke: farmer, forester, and congressman.  

Episode Two: Author Christine Wade was enamored by Washington Irving’s famous Catskills tale, but its dismissal of Mrs. Van Winkle as a “scold” really irked her, and a new tale was born. 

Episode Three: Iroquois Museum curator Colette Lemmon explains what Native American pottery is telling us about New York’s indigenous people, plus a new exhibit about indigenous identity.

Episode Four: An interview with Jeremy Kirchman, Curator of Birds at the New York State Museum, with a history of Eugene P. Bicknell and his 19th century discovery of a special Catskills bird.

Episode Five: Charles Shreyvogel was an Eastern artist who painted famous Western scenes. His favorite model was also decidedly non-Western. Greene County’s Kenny Bloodgood recounts tales of his great-uncle Grant and his unlikely appearance in some of Schruyvogel’s most famous paintings.